10 Best BMX Bikes

8. SE PK Ripper XLP 2011

PK Ripper is a time-proven BMX racer with its race-winning tradition. The Floval frame offers a stiff, light, and responsive ride, but its 3-piece cranks and Alex S Alex Supra Dome rims make it ready for tougher rides.


Price: $699

9. DK Aura Bike

It has a splash in BMX market, and its Aura is a good example for an all-around performing ride. It offers a chromoly frame & fork, and a Crazy-eight 2-piece handlebar. It also has Tektra brakes and DK Social three piece cranks.


Price: $599

10. Fitbikeco PRK Van Homan

A Fitbikeco signature series version features a chromoly frame & fork, along with tubular cranks for Alienation 440 rims. It has a compact drive-train system that allows for a smaller chain-wheel to offer maximum clearance. It is intended for aggressive park-style riding.


Price: $629.99