2007 Suzuki GSXR 600 Images

March 8, 2016


The 2007 edition of GSXR 600 is a marvellous piece of a racing bike. The bike has been designed from lessons that are learnt on the furious race tracks. It promises mind-boggling performance and out-of-the-world handling.


Not only is the power-to-weight ratio excellent but the throttle response is also too smooth. To top it all, you get braking power and suspension from the house of Suzuki; so there is no question of doubting them.

2007 GSXR 600 promises quicker lap times and gives the rider a lot of confidence the moment he sits on it. It comes with 12 months warranty and its base price at the time of release was $8,899, which means it would be much more affordable at present.

Take a look at some attractive images of 2007 GSXR 600 presented below.

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2011-Suzuki-GSXR600 Q f2ca2534d55f4355b18acbf722d977e2_portalhires DSC_3005

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