2016 Beta 300 RR

October 3, 2016


The new Beta 300 RR looks classy and stylish. The introduction of electronic oil injection highlights the updates to the brand new 2016 Beta 300 RR 2 stroke enduro.


This system was first brought in to the 2015 Beta XTrainer and now it is on the 300 RR as well. The 2 stroke oil is stored in a tank, which is under the seat and it is pretty easy to take it out with a just a small push of the button and it holds up to 12 ounces of oil.

Beta’s ECU has been completely remapped for 2016 in order to give the 300 RR a much better power at higher revs while also optimizing the torque curve.

The 300 RR’s powerplant got some special attention with new redesigned cylinder transfer ports and updated head geometry plus a brand new calibrated exhaust power valve that is aimed at making the bike much more linear.

Check out the awesome pics of 2016 Beta 300 RR.

download 2017-beta-rrs2 2016-beta-300rr-2
2016-beta-250rr-race-edition-2stroke3 2016-beta-250rr-race-edition-2stroke2 1

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