All About the Honda VFR800 Interceptor

June 25, 2016


Initially introduced in 1986 as a sports bike, Honda CFR 800, also known as the Interceptor, soon turned into a mid-sized sport touring bike by 1990, and continued to be the de-facto model in that segment.


However, looking at the rising demand of sport touring bikes, Triumph and Ducati gave a healthy competition in 1997, forcing Honda to redesign the VFR800 Interceptor in 1998.

VFR800 makes use of fuel injection system instead of carburetors for fuel-air mixing, and incorporates the VFR trademark single-sided swingarm pivoted from the aft of the crankcase!

Take a look at some of these enticing pictures of Honda VFR800 Interceptor to get a better feel of this superbike!

Honda VFR800 Interceptor Photo Gallery

vfr800_2002 honda-vfr-800-2002-2008 2014-Honda-VFR800-Interceptor-Dash-View
2002-Honda-VFR800-Interceptora 2014-Honda-VFR800-Interceptor-Tail-light 2009_Honda_Interceptor_Base._CB139108440_

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