Best Road Bikes at Glance

June 28, 2016


Road bikes are among versatile bikes, manufactured to handle well on city streets and manoeuvre through traffic without any threats. It has a varied category like road bikes for urban commuters, preferring speed and lightness. Others are beach cruisers for slow and steady rides. Highly priced bikes have more specialised features with lighter and durable components.

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Let’s check out top 10 road bikes with sporting features.

1. GMC Denali

GMC Denali is manufactured for speed and long distance riding. They are well suited for paved surfaces. Their thinner and lightweight tires offer least resistance, being more aerodynamic. They have many gears that help the rider to mount hilly and mountainous terrains.


Price: $159.54 – $239.95

2. Schwinn Katana

Schwinn Katana is an ideal bike for morning commute or for evening ride. It features a 14-speed Shimano drive-train with a quick-shifting A050 rear derilleur. The lightweight Tru-Vativ IsoFlow alloy crank helps your legs in moving fast. Its alloy aero frame and deep-dish alloy wheels make Katana ready to hit road in a snap.


Price: $349.99

3. Victory Vision

It has a light alloy frame, complete Shimano drive-train comfortable for road racing. Its 12-speed Shimano stem shifters and alloy hubs make it suitable for speed strength. It is a good bike for beginner trying out the sport.


Price: $259.99

4. Tommaso Monza

Lightweight frame and great features make it to stay as one of the best road bikes. Many people select this road bike in prospect of riding it in triathlons; however, it can also be used for recreational riding.


Tiagra shifters with optical display eases shifting of gears and the incorporated features allow you to ride without any hassles. Marco saddle is another feature that made it so comfortable to ride.

Price: $160


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