BMW Titan Concept Bike Pictures

July 28, 2016


The new BMW Titan Concept looks like it is the bike of Batman. If you take a quick look at the Titan, you will see that it is built for speed.


The very build of the bike looks wild and very unique. Its body becomes wider at the bottom and it may have been designed this way in order to enhance the stability of the bike when it touches high speed and also provide a sort of comfort to the rider during long rides.

The handle bar is not actually visible; for that matter, even the gear or brake pedal are not visible.

BMW has commented that this bike will serve as the land speed- record model; however, they feel that it can also be a street bike. This is a monster if you look at it suddenly. Only a company like BMW can come up with something as unique as this.

Check out the stunning pics of BMW Titan concept bike in this exclusive gallery.

titan-concept-bmw-alpha titan-concept-alfa-romeo-spirito The Turkish designer has developed a Batman bike for BMW
BMW-Titan-Concept-Motorcycle-3 BMW-Titan-Concept-Motorcycle-0-624x351 bmw-alpha-concept-by-mehmet-doruk-erdem3


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