Cool Pictures of 2012 Monster 796

June 15, 2016


2012 Monster 796 is a compact and narrow bike that has a steep rake of forward riding position.

Its semi-aggressive seating position would favor faster speeds. The feet of rider is tucked up and back, ready for canyon carving though its ergonomics have been tweaked slightly from the 696 edition for comfort ride.


The flat and wide handlebars are easy to reach with higher bars being raised slightly and seat height being bit lower. It is lightweight and well-balanced at less than 400 pounds and the Monster quivers are like a willing quarter horse waiting the rider’s cue.

It is basically powered by a Desmodromic, L-twin cylinder air cooled engine with 803cc displacement. The engine generates 87 horsepower @ 8250rpm, and a torque of 58lb-ft @ 6250rpm.

Let’s check out a cool collection of 2012 Ducati Monster 796 pictures.

Ducati-Monster-796-Corse-Strip ducati-monster-796-specs 2012-Ducati-Monster796f
ducati-monster-796-2012-2 ducati-monster-796-malaysia-specs 2012-Ducati-Monster796e

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