Ducati Launches an Amazing Line of Electric Motorcycles for Kids

June 27, 2016


Ducati is now on top gear bringing in top-end super bikes by passing on the same conviction to its offspring.

Now, the authorized dealership has taken the responsibility of justifying 4 great electric bikes. These bikes will let the kids develop super passion right from childhood and it’s a bike worth trying.


The maker is quite optimistic about it and one of the spokesmen told, “Now it’s time to test the future with kid’s section and we are quite sure that it will be a bang on.”

It’s funny that the maker has made bikes that allow kids from 1-year to ride it. Yes, the maker is talking about a lesser model, which it launched recently with the power of dual 25W motors with a 6V/4.5Ah battery and single speed option. The top speed would be 2.7 km/h and the mini Ducati is tagged at $91.

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