Facts about 2011 Hayabusa

July 25, 2016


2011 Suzuki Hayabusa is a super sport bike, which is intense in its own class. It is available in new color options and graphics including mixture of Pearl Mirage White and gold & combination of Pearl Nebular Black and red. Its power, sharp handling, and aero-dynamics have made it a super sport bike and the best one for those who won’t settle for anything but best.


Engine Specs

2011 Hayabusa comes with a 1340cc, in-line, liquid-cooled DOHC engine having 16-valves and Twin-Swirl Combustion Chamber. Pistons made of aluminum alloy with 12:5:1 compression ratio is used to increase its performance to higher level. A physical vapor deposition coating and upper compression oil control ring reduces friction by improving cylinder sealing. SCEM cylinder plating is adopted to improve heat transfer, and durability.


2011 Hayabusa comes with an optimized six-speed transmission. Oil spraying to fourth, fifth, and sixth gears would reduce the wear and mechanical noise while cruising. Suzuki Clutch Assist System is offered as rear-torque-limiting system to smoothen downshifts.


It comes with a light-weight aluminum frame, maintaining high torsional strength. Hayabusa has been fitted with fully adjustable front fork DLC coated at inner tubes. Front suspension provides minimal friction, offering outstanding performance under various riding conditions.

Its bridged aluminum alloy swing features a cross-sectional shape to increase rigidity that helps to improve rear tire grip and engine output. The rear shock absorbers have 43mm piston & 14mm diameter rod. Front brake calipers provide maximum braking for 310 mm front brake rotors, resulting in improved handling. Lightweight single piston at rear brake caliper works in conjunction with 260 mm rear disc brakes.


2011 Hayabusa is tagged at a base price of $13,699.00.


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