Muzzys ZX7 Drag Bike Pictures

October 3, 2016


The trending drag racing chasis has brought another broad breaking flying machine on tracks. Muzzys Kawasaki is about to hit the roads. The 750 Superbike has everthing that can thrill you and take you to the zone of super biking experience.


The foray for the superbike was not so easy, but still it is ready to rock within the tempest of competition. Just over a quarter of mile, the super bike proved to be the hero when acceleration calibrated in hundreds of seconds. No victory wheelies, no heroic stuffs – it’s only the horsepower that matters to prove everyone wrong.

Muzzys ZX is loaded with adjustbale triple clamps, but stock trees work fine for dragstrip fun. The lights and speedometer, its 14,400 rpm and its combination with digital coolant temperature gauge simply spell-bounds numerous enthusiasts, but the show has just begun; many more adventures are still unturned.

Check out a cool collection of this drag bike in this exclusive photo gallery.

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