The Awesome Kawasaki KX500 Photo Gallery

August 2, 2016


The awesome KX 500 is a 500 cc 2-stroke motorcycle that is manufactured by the world famous Kawasaki.


Kawasaki KX500 was made as an air cooled 500cc motocross bike in order to compete in the 500 cc as well as the Open Class of the motocross.

Kawasaki had worked on this bike on a yearly basis through the 1980’s. The addition of liquid cooling followed by a brand new frame along with the improved suspension in a couple of years later and the engine updates  along with the reversed forks during the nineties show the number of revisions that the bike has gone through.

The company would take a lot of years for producing a nice and competitive bike and when it was done, it would see the model KX500 winning through all the events for which the bike was not actually designed for.

Check out the awesome pics of Kawasaki KX500.

OPOS_4.21.16 kawasaki-kx-500-06
13253280663_8dbc1cf10a_z 003 IMG_1465

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